Top 10 Must-have Glamping Gadgets

Top 10 Must-have Glamping Gadgets

Want to do some glamping of your own but on a budget?  Well, we are here to help you make this possible!  Here is a list of luxury camping gear, hand picked by us during our own adventures.

Simply by packing one or two gadgets you are no longer a mere camper but have instead elevated yourself to glamper status.

 1. Folding Solar Panels - This one is pretty basic. You will deftly need solar panels to power your battery and keep your fridge and freezer running, keep your beer cold and get ready for a barby quicker!

2. Portable Gas Shower - You surely think the 20L solar bags will do the job, but you may not always have time to heat the bag in the sun and that shower head is pretty annoying. The portable gas shower can be connected to a water tank, tarp or even just a bucket. Depending on the setup you may just need to add a pump and then you are ready to shower! Use the unit with a pop-up shower tent and all your problems are sorted!

3. Pop-up Shower Tent - No, you don't need to take a piss or have a shower in the bush. This shelter is the ideal solution for off-the-grid isolated camping grounds. If you realized you need a gas shower or if you are happy with the solar bag ones, not a problem, this tent has a window to pass the shower pipe through. 

4. Hammock with Mosquito Net - Ok, I have to admit this is really not a luxury but a must-must have camping item. Fits into your backpack when folded but large as a double bed when unfolded. And the best part is to keep the mozzies away! You will literally be sleeping on a one-million stars hotel. But if sleeping on a hammock is not for you, I am sure you will just enjoy an afternoon nap on it.

5. Self-Inflating Mattress - Yes, it's time to say goodbye to your uncomfortable and inconvenient blow-up mattress. No blowing-up will be needed or loud pumps.

6. Bed Stretcher - As a fancy complement to item 4, you will enjoy sleeping on an almost-proper bed with this stand. Save your back and stay away from the cold floor.

7. Foldable Firepit - I guess you won't have space for everything, that's why we choose this super compact firepit to keep you warm for the upcoming winter! Cook your sausages or just chill by the fire.

8. Campfiretripod - Winter is coming and you have that camp oven that always burns your meals? Or maybe you just want to sit down and wait to cook pork without having to add coal on the top and checking it all the time? The campfire tripod makes this job easier, just hand the meat or pot over the fire and wait for your delicious meal to be ready!

9. Annexe Matting - You know that annoying dirt around your camping site that always end-up getting inside your tent or caravan? We got you covered! Or better, floored!

10. Binoculars - After all that luxury you don't want to miss out what nature has to offer, right? Applify your view in 10 times and watch the birds around the campground. 

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