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Please use the form below if:

  • The item arrived with parts missing
  • The item you received is not as described
  • The item arrived damaged
  • The item was damaged after normal use
  • Other related warranty claims

Please send us the photos or videos listed below to enable us to process your claim more quickly and efficiently:

    1. A photo of the entire product or all parts that came in the packaging
    2. A close up of the fault/defect with the product or a video (if applicable)
    3. The shipping label (displayed on the packaging, if still available)
    4. If there are parts missing, please point out in the manual/instructions booklet which parts are missing or provide detailed description of the missing parts.

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If you require further assistance or can not open the form below, please send us an e-mail to info@ontrackoutdoor.com.au proving the same information requested.